Jan E Margetts

Jan E Margetts - Development Manager

Contact Number: +44 (0) 1475 883 140
Email: jan@oytscotland.org.uk

Find out a little bit more about Jan from our fun questions!

1. When did you start with OYT Scotland?

I started with the Trust in March 2003.

2. What’s your most memorable moment working with OYT Scotland?

Organising and sailing on two day sails with young people from Chernobyl affected by cancer, 20 years after the nuclear disaster.

3. What’s been your best sailing experience with OYT Scotland and why?

My best sailing experience was helping deliver Alba Volunteer one evening after work from Glasgow to Largs.  We were escorted from Gourock to Largs by a pod of dolphins.  The low sunlight was reflecting off them as they rode the bow wave in front of us.

4. If you could sail anywhere in the world where would it be to and why?

I would love to sail to La Rochelle.  I have visited La Rochelle and seen it from the land, but would love to sail into the old port.

5. What song always brightens up your day?

‘Manamana’ by Manamana Man (the Muppets)

6. If you were a sea creature what sea creature would you be?

I would be a sea cucumber…  I love sitting watching the world go by…

7. Tell us a fascinating fact about you!

I love pens… adore pens… I once paid a three figure sum for a very nice pen…..!!!

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