Life Aboard

Life Aboard

When you arrive we will help you get your bag onboard and below decks and you can choose your bunk to sleep in. Once all the crew have arrived we sit at the table and welcome everybody onboard. To get to know everybody we go around the table and learn everybody’s name and a little bit about them. We then talk about safety and how to stay safe onboard. This takes time, but it is essential to make everyone safe and happy.

We then get the boat ready to go to sea and set sail. During the voyage we run a watch system. We normally have 2 Watches or teams during the voyage who take turns to look after sailing and navigation duties. Being on watch is your chance to learn about hoisting sails, steering, keeping lookout, plotting a course, and much more.

After breakfast everyone mucks in to ensure the boat is clean and ready to go to sea. With 18 people living onboard the boat can soon become untidy and it’s important that we spend time keeping it clean.

During your voyage you will travel to new places, make new friends and find out new things about yourself. Travelling by sea is the best way to explore Scotland and you will find yourself in some remote and beautiful places. There is also lots of wildlife to see on the way.

We may sail during the night, in which case the watches take turns to be on deck or in bed!
If we are not sailing at night, then the boat will either be tied to a pier or pontoon, or it may be attached to a mooring – or we may at anchor. If we are at anchor, then we take it turns to keep a watch over the boat during the night – this can be a magical experience.

The weather always changes in Scotland. You could have glorious sunshine, strong winds, rain or snow. Sometimes all at the same time. There may be times when the weather and the waves will make living onboard quite difficult and living onboard becomes a challenge, this is all part of the adventure. You will also get the opportunity to go ashore and explore.

At the end of the voyage, if you have earned it, you will get our highly prised end of voyage certificate. You could also get a sailing certificate if you have worked hard to learn about sailing.


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“The best thing about OYT Scotland voyages is that you can escape everyday life. You get the chance to learn new things, visit new places and meet new people.”

Emma 16, Falkirk.

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