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“Coming on an OYT Scotland voyage was an awesome experience. It helped me to realise you can do anything if you put your mind to it. It’s given me so much more confidence and I am so happy that I went.”


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“Our high-points were dangling our legs over the side to do a Mexican wave, seeing a dolphin, helming under the stars, food, learning from our mistakes and meeting new people.”



“At the start I was nervous about meeting the other crew but everyone was really friendly and I’m going to miss them. It was really beautiful seeing the islands – I’m going to remember this.”



“I challenged myself to do a lot of things that I wouldn’t have thought I could manage. And to respect other’s feelings.”



“I learnt to communicate in tough situations and help each other. I can use my strengths to try new things in a team. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers for an amazing week.”



“Emotionally my biggest change was that I now feel better about life, some of the things we saw truly were awesome and put everything into a lot more perspective. When I got home I stopped worrying about the little things as I knew there are more important things out there.”



“When I started with OYT Scotland I would find it hard to speak out in a group of new people, now it’s my job to do it everyday!”



“My emotional endurance has greatly increased as some parts of the voyage were difficult to cope with – especially getting up at awkward times after not having had enough sleep and performing physical work.”



“This is the only place that I feel safe and nothing from the real world can get to me. Being at home can be really hard and this makes everything I do worthwhile and I need to come back.”



“I learnt I can do whatever I put my mind towards, and that I’m actually pretty good at coping with seasickness.”



“I went on the boat with little to no sailing experience and by the end of it I was leading various sail changes and other deck activities. It was amazing to see how quickly I picked up the skills.”



“During the voyage I learnt that the best way to make people respect and understand you is to understand them.”



“I have been on this trip twice now, but I have never seen a trip that brings people together as well as this one.”



“I will remember this for the rest of my life, thank you.”


Parent of a Young Person from Highland region

“I just wanted to email you to say a huge thank you on behalf of Alex for the once in a life time experience she had with Ocean Youth Trust; she had an absolutely amazing time on the sailing trip and it has made a big impact on her. I have never seen her so elated and truly excited as she was when we picked her up on Friday evening; she was full of genuine enthusiasm and clearly had very much enjoyed every minute of the trip and could not wait to share her experiences with us, (she talked constantly for the first couple of hours home, then flopped and became almost quite tearful that it was over!!).

It has been such a valuable few days for her to have this time away, to make new friendships, to work as a team, to push herself, to reflect on what is important to her, (her mobile phone and catching up on messages did not seem so significant on her return!!); to know that she can rise to challenges and hopefully succeed, or at least to come away positive if things don’t work out. These are all such significant ‘life lessons’ and I am sure will stand her in good stead over the coming years.

We are very grateful to you for your help and hard work in making this possible, the memories Alex has will stay with her for a long time. I am only sorry that Cameron missed out on sharing this experience but I know that no one could have enjoyed it more or benefited more than Alex did. Please pass on our very grateful thanks to all the staff involved; I hope they found Alex to be a good team member and feel she lived up to the challenge.”

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