2024 Seminar Feedback

Seminar Feedback

We hope you enjoyed the weekend!

Your views and opinions are important to us and we would really appreciate any honest feedback you can provide (whether positive or negative) to help us improve the standard of our seminar and courses for future years.

Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey and have your part in improving the seminar for next year!

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Seminar Format

The seminar this year was run a bit differently to our usual format. Normally we'd run several individual courses each day, rather than having everyone together for the Saturday. What did you think of it?

Saturday Courses


Sunday Course

Which course did you attend?

Fundraising Reporting

As part of the agreement for the funding which we received towards the seminar, our fundraisers need to report back to show the money was put to good use!

Do you feel that the training at the seminar increased your confidence and capacity to...

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