Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson - Board Member


Find out a little bit more about Brian from our fun questions!

1. How did you first start sailing with OYT Scotland? 

On Alba Venturer, in 1999, on the west coast.

2. What’s your favourite OYT Scotland memory?

The number of amazing, talented and committed people I’ve met through OYT Scotland.

3. What is your job outside of OYT Scotland and what particular set of skills do you bring to the organisation? 

I’m retired now. I am a registered social worker, and was a senior manager of social work services. I worked with children and adults, and with people in all disability groups. I bring knowledge and experience of social work, of management, and of working in Local Authority and NHS services. I’m also a keen sailor.

4. Why do you enjoy being on the board of OYT Scotland?

The work of the Trust is very important, providing experiences for young people that can be really life-changing. I enjoy being a small part of that, and hope that I can add something by being a board member.

5. What are your hobbies apart from sailing with OYT Scotland? 

Sailing my own boat, playing and listening to music, reading, walking.

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