Lucie Aitkenhead

Lucie Aitkenhead - Chairperson

Having sailed with Ocean Youth Trust as a teenager, and more recently worked as a Development Officer, I was absolutely thrilled to have been invited back on the Board as the Chairperson.

A member of our volunteer sea staff recently said to me that when they are teaching young people to sail they explain that when the wind is on the bow, we have to tack and change direction to move forward. He explained how the young people can use this as a metaphor for life, and in fact we have all been doing this for the last couple of years. As the wind of covid blew in our faces we had to constantly change direction in  our lives, to ensure we moved forward. No more so than in the Trust, where shore based activities and camping trips, took the place of the sailing voyages. It has been a challenging couple of years for the Trust, and the challenges will continue for this year too. But never has the work the Trust does with young people been more essential.

I and the other Board members will be working hard, along with our staff and volunteers, to ensure that the Trust continues to thrive, and deliver voyages which allow young people to discover their potential through the adventure of sail training. The work we do changes lives.

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