Abbie Stone

Abbie Stone - Cadet

Find out a little bit more about Abbie from our fun questions!

1. When did you start with Ocean Youth Trust Scotland?

I first sailed as a young person in 2017, and started full time as a cadet in 2021. 

2. What’s your most memorable moment working with OYT Scotland?

My second trip as a young person, our skipper and 1st mate volunteered to be dressed up by the crew and we had a boat catwalk competition – it was really funny!

3. What’s been your best sailing experience with OYT Scotland and why?

Night sailing in the Irish sea on a young leader voyage, my watch had the sunrise watch and dolphins came and swam with the boat for ages, beautiful start to the day!

4. If you could sail anywhere in the world where would it be to and why?

I’d sail all the way round it! But somewhere I really want to go is the Norwegian Fjords, as it’s such a beautiful coastline!

5. What song always brightens up your day?

Far side of the world – tide lines.

6. If you were a sea creature what sea creature would you be?

A dolphin! 

7. Tell us a fascinating fact about you!

I used to be a competitive swimmer!

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