Alfie Page

Alfie Page - Second Mate

Find out a little bit more about Alfie from our fun questions!

1. When did you start with Ocean Youth Trust Scotland?

November 2021. 

2. What’s your most memorable moment working with OYT Scotland?

Every day is memorable working with OYT Scotland.

3. What’s been your best sailing experience with OYT Scotland and why?

In 2013, I was fortunate enough to take part in the Young Leaders Development Program and we sailed around Ireland!

4. If you could sail anywhere in the world where would it be to and why?

Greenland – I would love to see an iceberg (from a distance).

5. What song always brightens up your day?

Jack Johnson – Upside Down.

6. If you were a sea creature what sea creature would you be?

Octopus – Could be much more productive with eight arms!

7. Tell us a fascinating fact about you!

I am a keen drummer.

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