Get to know the OYT Scotland Volunteers! ⛵

Today’s volunteer spotlight focuses on the man known only as the Ace of Charts…(or Andrew Gerrard)

⛵ Q: How long have you been a volunteer with OYTS and what is your role?

A: I’ve been a volunteer for 4 years. Currently I’m a volunteer watchleader, also chart manager and Chair of the Clyde Shore Group.

⛵ Q: What was your first sailing experience and what made you come back?

A: My first sailing experience was in 1972 aged 14 when my father, having got the sailing bug through sailing with a friend decided to buy a yacht. We had a Kerry 27 for 4years and then a Rival 32 for ten. I took to it instantly and loved it. We raced at Royal Gourock on a Wednesday night and sailed in the Clyde at weekends plus a fortnight through the Crinan canal and up the west coast for our summer holidays. However when I was in my late twenties my parents gave up the yacht as it was getting too much for them and at the same time we had two small children to look after so I stopped only starting again when I joined the Trust.

⛵ Proudest/most memorable sailing moment?

A: I’ve had lots of memorable moments, one that comes to mind was last year when I was on Venturer and we met up with the Young Leaders on Explorer, they were motoring and we kept sailing past them. Lewis also made a valiant effort to capture their inflatable swan.

⛵ Q: What made you start volunteering with OYT Scotland?

A: I had taken early retirement and was looking for something worthwhile to do with my time. I knew about the trust and it seemed like a good opportunity for me to help young people while doing something I enjoyed.

⛵ Q: What is your favourite part of being a volunteer with OYT Scotland?

A: Obviously doing chart corrections (kidding) I love sailing with the young people especially when you can see you have made a real difference to them

⛵ If you were a boat, what kind of boat would you be and why?

A: I think I would be the boat I did most of my sailing on a Rival 32 sturdy, dependable but not that fast.

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