Get to know the OYT Scotland Volunteers! ⛵

In today’s volunteer spotlight, we meet one of our newest volunteers who is raring to get out on the water and support our young people once the current challenges have blown over.

Today’s volunteer: George Hubbard

⛵ Q: How long have you volunteered with OYTS?

A: I volunteered in 2019 and am now waiting to complete my induction voyage.

⛵ Q: What was your first sailing experience?

A: My first sailing experience was with my wife’s uncle who took me sailing from Lymington to the Isle of Wight in a Wayfarer dingy, despite a capsize, it was a great learning experience and I was hooked.

⛵ Proudest/most memorable sailing moment?

A: The first time I took a friends boat out as a Skipper (post my RYA training) and sailed from Largs to Tarbet.

⛵ Q: What made you start volunteering with OYTS?

A: I am now retired and want to give something back to the younger generation. I think being together on a sail boat can be such a fantastic learning and rewarding experience.  

⛵ If you were a boat, what kind would you be&why?

A: I think I would perhaps be a Clyde Puffer; slow, steadfast but get there in the end!

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