Get to know the OYT Scotland Volunteers! ⛵

In today’s ‘Meet the OYT Scotland Volunteers’ we put the spotlight on another of our relatively new volunteers. We are always looking for keen new members to join the OYT Scotland family – and we guarantee the experience is as rewarding for our volunteers as it is for the thousands of young people they support. 

Today’s volunteer: Dr Thomas Hawson

⛵ Q: How long have you volunteered with OYTS?

A: Less than a year and have volunteered on refit a few times. I had my name down for cruise that has been canceled due to Covid-19. So sorry to have missed it, was so looking forward to it…..

⛵ Q: What was your first sailing experience?

A: Covenham reservoir youth sailing club, i loved it – my first independent, out of school experience away from my parents. The feeling of excitement, exhilaration and something i was seemingly naturally good at for a change! I was hooked and felt i could not go without it..

⛵ Proudest/most memorable sailing moment?

A: Sailing our family folk-boat, cruising the Firth of Forth for a month and the two young kids and my wife all wanting to do it again. The dog seemed to like the close living but not sure if she had a choice it would be her thing!

⛵ Q: What made you start volunteering with OYTS?

A: A formative experience on an outward bound course at a young aged had such a positive effect on me for life. I am inspired to help that happen for others afloat.

⛵ What is your favourite part about volunteering with OYT Scotland? 

A: Have not done much yet, but meeting new like-minded people with a common goal is rewarding and the prospect of sailing on a big boat is very exciting!

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