Get to know the OYT Scotland Volunteers! ⛵

In a bid to showcase what being an OYT Scotland volunteer really means – and to help ease the boredom of lockdown – we’re putting the spotlight on a different volunteer each day.

Today’s volunteer: Chloe Aitken

? Q: How long have you been a volunteer with OYTS and what’s your role?

A: I’ve been volunteering with OYT Scotland for three years now and I am a Bosun.

? Q: What and with whom was your first sailing experience & what made you come back for more?

A: My first sailing experience was with the Machan Trust in 2017. It was amazing so I came back – I just wanted to do more sailing and I’ve never looked back!

⛵ Q: Proudest or most memorable sailing moment?

A: I have many proud and memorable moments – the young leader development programmes in 2018 and 2019; sailing and landing on St kilda (2018) and sailing to dun loaghaire; and a trip into Dublin (2019). Another proud moment would be when I was interviewed about my experiences with OYTS by the BBC.

?Q: Favourite part of being a volunteer with OYT Scotland?

A: My favourite part of being a volunteer with OYT would be getting away from home and being out on the water. Its great to see the amazing work that the Trust does for young people.

⛵ Q: If you were a boat, what kind of boat would it be and why?

A: A Sailing yacht – as when out at sea and feeling good I can switch the engine off and enjoy the peace and quiet!

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