Get to know the OYT Scotland Volunteers! ⛵

In a bid to showcase what being an OYT Scotland volunteer really means – and to help ease the boredom of lockdown – we’re putting the spotlight on a different volunteer each day.

Today’s volunteer: Abby Hettrick (sitting furthest away in the pic!)

? Q: How long have you been a volunteer with OYTS and what’s your role?

A: I’ve been volunteering now for four years as a bosun, looking after the engine and doing all sorts of other jobs around the boat.

? Q: What and with whom was your first sailing experience & what made you come back for more?

A: I first went on a trip in 2014 with other people I didn’t know, and I remember how exhilarating it felt sailing on such a big boat for the first time, I couldn’t not come back! Oh and the biscuits keep me coming back too…

⛵ Q: Proudest or most memorable sailing moment?

A: There’s so many memorable moments! I really love night sailing, so probably sailing into port near Greenock in the dark and getting to stand at the bow and watch the lights as we got closer. Either that, or having a ceilidh with my YLDP group on St Kilda!

?Q: Favourite part of being a volunteer with OYT Scotland?

A: It’s hard to put it down to one thing but I think it’s the whole atmosphere of the boats – all the sea staff and volunteers are so fun and friendly and we all have such a laugh with the crew! There’s just something so special about getting to sail to some beautiful places with such an amazing team – I love being able to be a part of that.

⛵ Q: If you were a boat, what kind of boat would it be and why?

A: I think I’d maybe be a Laser because that’s the boat I used to learn in so I have a lot of fondness for them and they’re a lot of fun to race in!

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