Groups are On Course with CashBack

Since our last update, a number of groups have sailed as part of our On Course with CashBack programme.

Merkland high School

On 23rd April, 9 girls and 2 group leaders from Merkland High School took to the water on board Alba Venturer. Sailing a total of 62 nautical miles, they set off from James Watt Dock visiting Holy Loch, Rothesay, Inverkip and Rhu. The group gained SQA qualifications in Literacy, Numeracy, Communication and Working with Others, but it wasn’t all work! They also made cards, played games, and hosted “Has Alba Venturer Got Talent”!

One young person said that by the end of the week, she “became more confident and more comfortable talking to people.”

Group leader Kay Hunter said,

“Our trip on Alba Venturer was an amazing experience for all the girls involved. Everyone was able to play a full and active part in the voyage with each young person making individual progress in both their personal development and their confidence in new situations. They came together as a team, with new friendships being formed and new skills being learned.

 For the majority of them this was the first time they had been away from home and the sea staff were incredible at working with school staff to support all the incidental learning which goes along with this.

 Due to the additional support needs of some of our pupils this often needs broken down and taught and on-board we had the opportunity to do this, and reinforce until the skills were secure. We saw real improvements in independence skill and self-help skills as well as the softer skills necessary for living in a large group situation in a confined space. This was such a fantastic opportunity for us as a school to be involved in, I cannot begin to define the impact this has had on these young people across all aspects of their learning.”

Newbattle High School

A few weeks later, Newbattle High School headed out, this time on board Alba Explorer. The crew of 10 young people supported by 2 group leaders sailed an impressive 125 nautical miles visiting Holy Loch, Brodick, and Carradale before heading back to base at James Watt Dock in Greenock.

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