Jacks’ parents’ story

Jacks’ parents’ story

What was life like before engaging with Ocean Youth Trust Scotland?

My son was having to be home-schooled due to being bullied at school. With the added pressure of lockdown during covid this added to his anxieties and mental health. He was keen to get out there and live life but due to his confidence being low, our finances and being so rural, this was very difficult as a family to find a safe, guided adventure. He was lonely which was heart breaking for us and that’s when we found OYT.

What did your young person gain from a voyage with OYT Scotland?

He gained a sense of adventure, of meeting new people and realising that he was capable of doing anything he applied himself too.

What did they most enjoy about sailing?

He loved the travelling and meeting new people.

Did anything change after the voyage?

He appeared more confident and spoke more freely to people. He was keen to try other adventures and travel and see more of the world. Also being keen to pursue his besom training.

What was the impact of the Assisted Berth Scheme for your family?

Without the assisted berth scheme my son simply couldn’t have gone on his voyage. We are a low-income family, I live with M.S. and it can be hard finding the money or help to give everything to your child that they deserve. My son is amazing and deserves the same opportunities and chances as the next child. The scheme made the difference between him going or not going.

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