Liam’s Story

Liam’s Story

What was your situation before joining Ocean Youth Trust Scotland?

I had charges for vandalism, breaking and entering and racial abuse. Every weekend I was ‘on it’ drinking.

Where I live it’s mental with the stuff that goes on. For a young guy it’s a hard place to grow up. At lot of my pals are full of drugs and I plan to get out of it as soon as I can.

What did you gain from your voyage?

The big changes for me is that I am not as awkward around people I don’t know and have more confidence and belief in myself. I am better behaved, and I’ve learned to persist if I come up with something I’m not sure about. I never listened to people, I was always on my phone and not having my phone and being away from the world I was used to calmed me down and I really enjoyed that.

What else did you enjoy about sailing?

I also enjoyed the physical work. It kept me busy, helped me focus and got rid of a lot of tension.

Did anything change after your voyage?

When I got back, I said to myself that I had to mature up and get my head together. My mum has noticed that I am trying and said she’s proud of me. Because of that I am getting a bit more leeway and I just need to keep it up.

I have just been accepted for a 6-week employability course and the experience and the things I learned on OTY Scotland helped me with the interview.

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