OYT Scotland supports Scotland’s YouthWork Manifesto

Resilient, Resourceful and Reimagined: A manifesto to support Scotland’s youth workers and young people

On Tuesday 23 February, Youthlink launched its youth work manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections, outlining three key policy commitments from politicians to support the sector through Covid-19:

1. Make access to youth work opportunities a right for young people in Scotland

2. Increase investment in the youth work sector at a Scottish Government and local authority level

3. Formal recognition of youth work within the strategies and policies of Scottish Government and local authorities

OYT Scotland supports Youthlink’s Youthwork Manifesto

The detrimental effects of COVID-19 on young people come at a time when budgets for youth work services have been shrinking overall every year. All of us in the youth work sector have been working together to find new ways of supporting young people. Increasingly, issues with mental health, employability and learning loss will have a significant impact on our young people in the long-term. This is why we must invest in services that support and nurture this generation.

OYT Scotland is supporting Youthlink in asking politicians and society to stand with us during this extraordinary time, to support the youth work sector. You can access Youthlink’s YouthWork Manifesto here.




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