Regular Trips

Max Bookings

To give everyone a chance to complete a booking – we will limit all volunteers to 2 youth voyages until 1st February 2023 (you can book as many training voyages as you like and bidding trips are not counted.)

Bidding Trips

For certain voyages – we have introduced a bidding form. Volunteers can bid for any of the voyages they are interested in and we will confirm the selected staff team. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we will get everyone on one of these trips. See the bidding form here.

Don’t forget!

You need to update your details using our Medical Form and Mates Declaration and make sure your Membership is current before booking voyages. (You can check your membership status using the Dashboard.)

How To Book

  1. Have a look at the Programme below and take a note of the voyage code.
  2. Click on the Voyage field below and either scroll through to find the voyage (they are sorted by date) or click on the dropdown to search.
  3. Complete the rest of the fields and hit submit!

Please Note:

As a thanks to all of our volunteers for their continued support – we are giving away a free T-Shirt to everyone on their first voyage booking.

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2023 Programme

Grey = full | EX22… Alba Explorer | VE22… Alba Venturer

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2023 Small Boat Training

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