Adventure Under Sail

Adventure Under Sail – Inspiring young people

A BIG memorable experience giving you the chance to achieve more than you thought you could.

All of our voyages are exciting, challenging and action-packed with lots of opportunities to broaden your horizons.

If you are aged between 12 and 24 you could become one of the twelve crew-members that makes up the team needed to sail our amazing boats. Our voyages last from five to seven days and sail from harbours around the coastline of Scotland.

You can book on one of our adventures on your own or sail with us as part of an organised group. Most of the people that join our boats have never sailed before and you don’t need any sailing knowledge or special kit to take part. Armed with a few changes of clothes, a pair of wellies, a sleeping bag and a towel you will need only enthusiasm, spirit of adventure and an open mind to become a crewmember.



Adventure Under Sail – Video By 29studios

An adventure under sail can be a life changing experience; however everyone’s experience is different, and a lot will depend on the nature of the voyage and the crew. But most important of all is your willingness to fully participate and be a member of the crew. Voyages are hard work but very rewarding – the harder you work and the more open you are to the experience then the more you will get out of it. Together you, the rest of the crew and up to six of our voluntary and paid staff (making a total of eighteen onboard) will explore the beautiful coastline of Scotland taking on the challenge of the sea. Slipping lines and setting sail requires everybody onboard (including the staff) to work as a team.

Whilst at sea you will be sailing amongst the beautiful marine environment of Scotland and seeing our country in a totally different way. You could see all sorts of different wildlife – including seals, porpoises, dolphins and whales!

Most of the young people who sail with us will have no previous sailing experience – so, first of all you will gain experience of sailing on our amazing boats. But there’s much more to it than that…

An adventure under sail with OYT Scotland will give you the chance to discover all sorts of things about yourself – if you can make tea for 18 people when the boat is heeled over, if you can help to put a new sail up when the wind changes, if you can steer a steady course when there are dolphins swimming alongside – these are the obvious things – but there are many other things that you can discover about yourself when you are working as part of a team on a sail training voyage.



Jamie’s Story – Video By 29studios

Jamie was a typical young person who first came sailing with us when he had very little knowledge of what sail training really was or could do for him. His story really shows that you don’t need to be a keen sailor to take part, all you need is the willingness to try something new.

See for yourself what it is that Jamie found so good about his time onboard….

Our voyages are not all about sailing, they are also about people and you can learn a lot about yourself and others. Everybody who participates takes memories away that can make a genuine and lasting difference.

You could gain a huge amount from one of our voyages so why not take up the challenge? A voyage with OYT Scotland has a real sense of adventure. Our large boats require physical effort and cannot be sailed without everyone’s involvement – all of this builds a real sense of teamwork and shared experience.

OYT Scotland aims to give young people the chance to discover their true potential and gain skills, confidence, qualifications, friends and treasured memories that can make a genuine and lasting difference.

It really can be the experience of a lifetime!

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