CashBack New Horizons

CashBack New Horizons is an ambitious national project to inspire and support young people from all over Scotland who are at risk of poorer outcomes. Central to this programme is a 5 day adventurous residential voyage aboard a large ocean going yacht (sail training vessel). This intensive holistic experience is designed to progressively challenge and stretch young people out of their comfort zones, providing a powerful catalyst for change. As a result the young people taking part will build confidence, gain skills, and be inspired to broaden their horizons with new found aspirations for the future.

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland’s vision is that young people can realise their true potential and live healthy, fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to their community. Ocean Youth Trust Scotland (OYT Scotland) aims to inspire young people through the challenge of adventure under sail. It has been doing this through its award winning programme of residential voyages since 1999 and previously as the Ocean Youth Club since 1961.

For the CashBack New Horizons programme, OYT Scotland aims to draw on the expertise gained from over 50 years of delivering its unique brand of youth work at sea– adventure under sail and to build on the success of previous projects; namely a pilot national project supported by COSLA involving 96 young people from across all 32 Local Authorities, and 15 regional YouthLink Scotland CashBack voyages.

Strategic Aims
OYT Scotland aims to build CashBack New Horizons into a sustainable world class national programme that contributes significantly to the Scottish Government’s National Outcomes;

  • Our young people are successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens
  • We live longer healthier lives
  • We live our lives free from crime, disorder and danger
  • We have strong resilient communities where people take responsibility for their own actions
  • OYT Scotland will build strong partnerships with Local Authority CLD Youth Work departments and other relevant organisations and agencies. CashBack New Horizons will enable OYT Scotland to build capacity in the following areas;
  • Increase opportunities for young people at risk, to sail with the Trust
  • Up-skill staff and volunteers
  • Up-skill Local Authority referral staff
  • Increase profile and credibility with funders

Objectives (Project Outcomes)
CashBack New Horizons aims to achieve the following CashBack outcomes;

  • Increased opportunities for new experiences or activities for participants (outcome 3)
  • Increased opportunities for continued participation by linking up and signposting to other provision (outcome 5)
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem among participants (outcome 8)
  • More participants have achieved accreditation for their learning (outcome 10)
  • More participants progress into further learning, training and personal development opportunities (outcome 20)
  • Increased horizons and improved outlook amongst participants (outcome 21)

Project Reach
We aim to work with a total of 320 disadvantaged young people providing life changing adventures to 160 young people accompanied by 32 youth workers in year 2, and 170 young people accompanied by 34 youth workers in year 3. In terms of voyages, each Local Authority will be offered a 5 day residential voyage for 10 young people and 2 accompanying youth workers. We successfully delivered 16 CashBack voyages in 2015 and have 17 voyages planned for 2016.

Target Group
This project will support young people at risk of poorer outcomes including school leavers who have not moved into employment, training or further education and those at risk of turning to crime.

Young people eligible for this programme will be;

  • Aged 16 – 25 at the time of the voyage
  • Living in Scotland
  • Not in full time education or training
  • Unemployed or working under 16 hours per week at time of selection


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