FAQs by Group Leaders and Parents

Frequently asked questions by Group Leaders and Parents

Will the young people be safe?
Safety is always our primary concern. We have an excellent safety record and are at the forefront of our industry in developing and implementing a safety management system considerably in excess of statutory levels. We operate a fleet of very well maintained vessels and our Sea Staff are highly qualified and very experienced. We understand that in order to have fun and enjoy their experience our young crew members must first feel safe.

What is expected of the crew?

The crew will need to work hard in order to sail the vessel – this is at the heart of the success of sail training – everyone must play a part and there are many different duties to perform – from cooking and cleaning, to sail hoisting and navigating. Depending on the crew, it may be possible as the week progresses to give them more challenging tasks. This is an excellent opportunity for the young people to develop their skills and to gain experience, under supervision, of managing ‘or taking command’ of elements of the running of the vessel.

Where will the vessel sail to?

It is not possible to say before each trip where we will sail to. This is decided at the start of each trip by the Skipper, taking account of the strength of the group and of available weather forecasts.

Can adults accompany the young people?

Up to two adults can accompany an organized group. Where group leaders do accompany the trip they will not have any responsibility with respect to the sailing aspects of the trip.

What insurance cover does OYT Scotland have?

OYT Scotland carries full public liability insurance to cover all aspects of our activities. We do however strongly recommend that you arrange your own insurance to cover booking, travel to and from the boat and personal belongings – we cannot accept liability for these aspects of your trip.

Can I keep in touch with the onboard crew members.

Part of the fun of our voyages is that we are removed from our normal daily life. You may not hear from the young people on board for several days at a time (if at all). For urgent communications we are able to make shoreside contact, and parents or guardians can make contact with us at all times via our 24 hour Duty Manager.

Can I get help paying for the voyage?

Approximately half of the young people sailing with the Trust receive some form of financial assistance with their berth fees. Contact our office to see if you are able to receive assistance. Alternatively you could earn money through fundraising initiatives. Our Fundraising Manger is able to provide ideas to get you started.

Are there any rules

Yes there are and they strongly upheld by the Skipper and sea staff to ensure the smooth running of each voyage and to avoid disruption to the enjoyment of other crew members.
Crew members are expected to involve themselves in the running of the vessel as directed by the Skipper and other sea staff. If they fail to do so, or engage in behavior that is disruptive or offensive then they will be dismissed from the voyage.

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