Kit List

Kit List

You don’t need to buy expensive sailing boots or wear special sailing clothes. Whilst on board, we provide:

  • Waterproof sailing jacket and trousers
  • Lifejacket and safety harness
  • All food and refreshments for the duration of the voyage

Make sure that you pack your gear in a soft squashy bag, sports holdall or rucksack (without a metal frame round it), maximum of 80 litres.

What to bring with you:

Sleeping bag: Nothing special, cheap and cheerful will be fine

2 complete changes of clothing: Synthetic fabrics are best. You can wear jeans to and from the boat but not while you are sailing as once wet, they stay wet.

Underwear: Enough to get you through the week!

1 Warm Jacket: To wear under your waterproof jacket, it doesn’t need a hood.

1 Fleece/Jumper: Fleeces are better than cotton jumpers as they are warmer when wet and dry more quickly—hoodies are usually cotton and stay wet).

T-shirts: Both long sleeve and short sleeve. Please don’t bring football tops.

Warm Hat and gloves: Beanie hats are great, baseball caps are okay but tend fly off.

Swimsuit: Not for jumping off the boat, but when you are at the beach or the local swimming pool.

Warm socks: Several pairs!

Footwear: Wellies are best at keeping your feet dry but leather type trainers/walking boots will do.

Towel: Big enough to dry you after a shower (micro fibre towels are great).

Wash kit: Please do not bring aerosols/sprays. Roll on or stick deodorants are best.

Sun cream/lip balm/sunglasses/moisturiser: You will be out in the elements and wind will take its toll on your skin—both girls and boys! We do have some sun cream on board.

Small bag or rucksack: For going ashore, not essential, you can put stuff in your pockets.

Pillow or pillow case: There are no pillows on the boat. If you bring a pillowcase, you can stuff a fleece inside and use it as a pillow, less to pack.

Pocket money: About £10—£20 (there wont be many shops to spend it in!)

Note: there is nowhere to plug in electrical items, charge mobile phones etc.

Mobile phones will be collected in by the Skipper at the beginning of the voyage for safe keeping and given out during shore leave/personal time.

Medication – make sure you have enough to last the voyage. Medication should be clearly labelled with full details written on the booking form.

Do not bring: expensive electrical items, DVD players, games consoles etc. fizzy or energy type drinks, large amounts of sweets, crisps etc.

OYTS insurance does not cover damage to/loss of personal effects – click here to download

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