Voyage Agreement

Voyage Agreement

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland promises to provide a safe and positive learning environment for everybody to experience adventure under sail.

This means the crew will be encouraged to take part in all aspect of running the sailing vessel and work will be shared evenly by all.

Everybody will have the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns which they may have throughout the voyage.

To have a fun and successful voyage, there are certain things we must all agree to:

  • Take responsibility for your own safety, and other people’s
  • Set goals and learn as much as possible
  • Live healthy, don’t take drugs or alcohol
  • Try not to bully, threaten or be violent
  • Always be inclusive
  • Don’t show offensive behaviour or attitude
  • Take a full part in all the activities
  • Work hard and contribute to all aspects of the voyage
  • Take responsibility for the things that you say or do
  • Support and respect others
  • Try and learn as much as possible

Young people leaving the Vessel

You are expected to involve yourself in the running of the vessel as directed by the Skipper and other sea staff. If you fail to do so, or engage in behaviour that is disruptive or offensive then you may be dismissed from the voyage.

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