Cashback for Communities: A Festive Update

Young people stand aboard Alba Venturer holding a white flag with the yellow 'Cashback for Communities' logo.

“The group have gained so much more confidence, trying new foods, developing life skills whist learning to cook and clean and, in the young people’s own words, ‘putting themselves out there more to try new things’.”

North Ayrshire’s “pretty special” CashBack voyage

Setting sail on the 25th September, a group of 10 young people from North Ayrshire set sail on an exciting 5 day voyage around the west coast of Scotland. The group threw themselves into the experience which one young person described as “a great adventure I’d love to do again.” On board the 72ft yacht Alba […]

Young people from Midlothian explore the Clyde

On 25th September, Ocean Youth Trust Scotland welcomed aboard 10 young people from Midlothian as they took part in a five day sailing voyage. Sailing on the 70ft yacht Alba Venturer, the young people sailed 136 nautical miles, setting off from Greenock and making their way to Rhu, Portavadie and Holy Loch, before arriving back […]

South Lanarkshire’s Adventure under Sail

Ocean Youth Trust Scotland (OYT Scotland) welcomed ten young people from South Lanarkshire as they took part in a voyage funded by the Scottish Government’s programme “CashBack for Communities”. The young people learnt to navigate, hoist and drop sails, tie knots, and cook for the whole crew aboard the 70ft sail training yacht, Alba Venturer. […]

Barra and Shetland’s “magic” voyage

On the 11th of September, eight young people from Barra and Shetland took part in a five day sailing voyage with Ocean Youth Trust Scotland. Sailing the 72ft yacht, Alba Explorer, this voyage took them from Greenock through the Firth of Clyde, stopping in Holy Loch, Tarbert and Lamlash on the Isle of Arran. It […]

North Lanarkshire are On Course with CashBack

Pupils from St Aidan’s and Clyde Valley High Schools in Wishaw joined a five day Ocean Youth Trust Scotland sailing voyage from Greenock on the 4th of September. The group called in at Holy Loch, East Loch Tarbert, and Rothesay before returning to Greenock, covering 87 nautical miles on their voyage aboard the 72 foot […]

Cashback double whammy!

Last week we welcomed groups from either side of the country as part of our Cashback New Horizons project. Alba Venturer was host to a group from Midlothian, and Alba Exporer was home to a group from Oban in Argyll & Bute. Both groups spent five days exploring the waters of the Upper Clyde before […]

East Ayrshire group sail west with Cashback for Communities

Last week eight participants from East Ayrshire were given the opportunity to take part in an Ocean Youth Trust Scotland voyage funded with money from CashBack for Communities. The group set sail on 7th September to spend 5 days exploring the waters of the Upper Clyde, departing and returning into James Watt Dock in Greenock. […]

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