Aberdeen & North East Shore Group

Aberdeen Shore Group

Aberdeen & North East Shore Group

We are a friendly group and meet about once every 2 months. We can answer your questions if you are just getting started with the trust.

Meetings start at 6.30pm in a members house (food is provided) or in a pub when we meet at 6:30 for pub food and the meeting starts after that.

We run social events such as visits to the Aberdeen lifeboat, the Maggie May historical lifeboat museum, the student’s show (supporting them and having a great time as well!). These are all accompanied by finding a suitable hostelry nearby.

Pictures from our support group weekend – October 2018

Join our mailing list to be kept up to date with meeting details and what is going on by emailing northeastshoregroup@oytscotland.org.uk

We raise money from local trusts, via the students union and through running RYA training courses. We also have an annual shore group weekend when we take over one of the big vessels, we usually run a stand at the Portsoy traditional boat festival.

The funds are given as grants to North East youngsters, individuals and groups, to help them afford their own adventure under sail.

We have more information on our group and grants on these pages:

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How to apply for North East grants

Dates of Next Meetings:      

Dates of Next Meetings:
 Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are not currently arranging physical meetings, but are meeting every two weeks using Zoom. We alternate between Social Meetings and Workshops. We also continue the programme of business meetings as short sessions before the Social meetings or Workshops. We aim to continue this meeting schedule until restrictions are lifted significantly.

 Social Meetings (Virtual)

One or two people present topics of general interest, often voyages with slideshows. The meetings normally start at 19.00 and run for about an hour; perhaps a bit longer.
8th March 2021
5th April 2021

Workshops (Virtual)

Cover a range of technical marine topics, often combining a reminder of some of the basics with more in-depth detail that you would not learn on an RYA course. The meetings normally start at 1900 and run for about an hour.
22nd March 2021
19th April 2021

Shore Group Business Meetings (Virtual or Physical)

A short meeting at which the ongoing Shore Group business is discussed. Meetings normally start at 18.30 if before one of the above mentioned virtual meetings.

8th March 2021

 When we revert back to physical business meetings they will also start at 18.30, except when at a pub when the first hour is for a meal and the business meeting starts at 19:30.

 If you are interested you can contact northeastshoregroup@oytscotland.org.uk for more details.


Currently not running due to Covid but normally Aberdeen-based OYT Scotland volunteers and instructors are run RYA courses to raise funds for Ocean Youth Trust Scotland to support young people from the region going on voyages with the trust. 

The courses range from RYA yachtmaster and day skipper theory courses run in the Northeast to practical courses run onboard one of the trust boats.

RYA First Aid at sea, Diesel engine and VHF (Short Range Certificate) courses run in the Northeast.

If you are interested in attending any of these courses, please contact northeastshoregroup@oytscotland.org.uk for further details.

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