Grants for young people and groups

We raise funds to help young people from the North East of Scotland to go sailing. The main office may also be able to help with their assisted berth scheme so ask them too.

For individuals

If you are an individual then the North East group can usually help with suggesting ways to raise money to fund your voyage and a grant that covers the extra costs of travelling to the west coast (where most of our ports are). Simply apply to us (email or letter) with what you hope to get out of the voyage and how you are trying to fund yourself asking for our help. We almost always are able to help with a cash grant. The grant is usually paid to the OYTScotland office and they use it to offset the cost of the voyage- allowing you to spend the money you raise on anything you want to; in some cases, for example, if you have already paid in full, we may give the grant directly to you.

For groups

Groups may find that they fit into the assisted berth scheme or are completely covered by one of the Trust fund raising activities- so it is worth asking the office first (see Contact page). A ‘whole boat’ booking (i.e. 12 people which may include group leaders) attracts a discount.

In the same way as individuals we in the North East can usually help fund young people, living in the area, going on the voyage. We prefer to pay the grant to the office in the same way but have been known to buy rail tickets or give the grant to the group leader if there is a good reason.

We suggest an email either for individuals or groups covering;

  • who you are
  • When your voyage is and where from/to.
  • What you hope to get out of the voyage
  • What amount of money is needed for the whole voyage, how much you have raised so far and your plans for more fundraising.
  • Finish with a request for financial help.

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Grants for young people and groups in the NE

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