Port Glasgow High School

This week we would have set sail with our friends at Port Glasgow High School. We really value our relationship with Port Glasgow and local young people. Although we are all gutted that this did not go ahead, we will be working to get sailing with them as soon as possible. Here are some shots […]

Iceland Challenge

We may have seemed a little quiet of late, but rest assured we’re still here. And just to remind you all of the exciting and life-changing experiences we can offer, we’ll keep sharing some of our most memorable moments from the last decade. First up, take a look at these pictures, taken on the 2011 […]

Bucksburn Academy

Our youth work voyages aren’t just about sailing – that’s a mere by-product. Our voyages are about teamwork, friendship, adventure, responsibility, nature, courage, personal development and learning new skills. Taking a look back at some of the voyages from 2019, this week we look back at Bucksburn Academy voyage which happened 13th May on Alba Explorer #youthworkonthewaves #youthworkchangeslives

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