Cashback for Communities

CashBack for Communities is a national Scottish Government programme which aims to inspire and support young people from all over Scotland who are a risk of poorer outcomes.

Phase 6 (2023-2026)

In Phase 6, the On Board with CashBack programme will work with 31 groups of young people from across Scotland over the 3-year period. 6 Groups in 2023/4, 12 Groups in 2024/25, and 13 Groups in 2025/26.

This programme is for young people:

  • Who are aged 12-25
  • Who are most at risk of antisocial behaviours, offending, re-offending, or entering the criminal justice system
  • Who have been impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and trauma 

Each young person will participate in a structured programme aimed at changing attitudes, encompassing 32 hours of group work sessions and 8 hours of outdoor education led by an OYT Scotland Youth Development Worker, and 58 hours of youth work delivered over 5 days in a sail training environment aboard a 70ft yacht.

The programme will take a person-centred approach to explore risk taking behaviours on land and at sea whilst developing confidence, resilience, and teamwork, along with personal and social skills. Young People will record their experiences in their ‘Personal Journal’, evaluating risk taking behaviours and the impact these could have on themselves and their communities.

The usual session topics are as follows, although this may be adapted to meet the requirements of the group:

  1. Introduction and UNCRC
  2. Effective Communication and an outdoor activity 
  3. Roles within a team and an outdoor activity
  4. Pre-voyage preparations and an introduction to RYA Start Yachting
  5. Voyage (which is from Monday to Friday)
  6. Transferable Skills and John Muir Award
  7. Programme Wrap Up
Throughout the programme, the young people will have the opportunity to work towards nine of the SQA Core Skills Units at Level 3:
  • Communication (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)
  • Numeracy (Using Graphical Information, Measuring, Calculation) 
  • Problem Solving
  • Working with Others

Phase 5 (2020-2023)

In Phase 5, Ocean Youth Trust Scotland’s ‘Change Tack with CashBack’ programme will have supported 152 young people to reach positive destinations. Central to this programme is 3 outdoor activity sessions, 7 group work sessions and 2 5-day voyages. This programme equips young people with new skills and qualifications, developing a newfound confidence and aspirations for the future.

Phase 4 (2017-2020)

The On Course with CashBack project consisted of 36 x 5 day residential voyages over the 3-year period (12 each year). Young people were referred from local authority social work partners and were not in employment, education or training or had been identified as highly disengaged within the education system will through the challenge of adventure under sail achieve various SQA level qualifications.

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