Alba Venturer Turns 25!

Alba Venturer sailing in Iceland.

On Saturday 20th April, our longest serving vessel, Alba Venturer, celebrated her 25th birthday. 

This 70-ft Bermudan ketch was gifted to the young people of Scotland from our patrons, Curly and Barbara Mills. 

Since then, she has supported thousands of young people towards brighter futures through youth work on the waves. 

On Facebook, we asked volunteers and friends of the Trust to share their favourite memories aboard Alba Venturer, and more than 30 people recalled their memories of tall ships, tall waves and plenty of adventure. 

To celebrate Alba Venturer’s 25th birthday, here are 5 facts about this very special sail training vessel… 

Fact 1 – Alba Venturer was launched in Ipswich in March 1999.

Fact 2 – In 2001, Alba Venturer sailed from Denmark to Dundee as part of the Tall Ships Races! 

A scan of a newspaper clipping from 2001 with the title 'Sailing vessel's arrival heralds ships visit'. To the right of the column is a picture of Alba Venturer berthed at Camperdown.

Fact 3 – Alba Venturer has a fluffy mascot named Millport! In 2023, someone was kind enough to sew Millport a pal. Say hello to Paisley! 

Two teddies are posed together - the left one scruffy and brown, and the right one a colour mix of blue, red and paisley-patterned material. A blue arrow and text labels the left as Millport, and the right as Paisley.

Fact 4 – Each winter, refit of Alba Venturer costs around £25,000. 

Fact 5 – Alba Venturer supports more than 300 young people each year. (That’s more than 7,500 over her 25 years at sea!) 

Young people stand on deck aboard Alba Venturer, waving to a passing vessel.

If you would like to see Alba Venturer on the water for years to come, please consider making a donation. It is only with your generosity that Ocean Youth Trust Scotland continues to deliver life-changing youth work on the waves.

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