Alba Volunteer Refit

With refit well underway, we’re sharing some pictures about what we’ve been up to. Our first update features Alba Volunteer.

This year, Alba Volunteer is under cover in the shed at Fairlie.
Alba Volunteer is due her 5 year survey this year. This requires more work than normal.
Underneath, areas on the hull which have blistered due to water seeping in have been ground back and are drying out.
Inside, things are looking chaotic! In the saloon, woodwork which has worn thin over the years is being replaced. Wires which previously ran along the floor have been relocated. Meanwhile, one of our volunteers, Marion Boyle, is making new cushion covers for the seating in the saloon.
Craig and Malcolm are working to reinforce the fibreglass. A big job, it requires them to grind down the epoxy before beginning to lay down the fibreglass cloth.
The new layers of fibreglass will extend up to the green line.
The stanchions are being strengthened with expoxy, and the headlining replaced.
Finally, up in the cockpit, the wood for the seating is being replaced as much of it was rotten.
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