Cashback double whammy!

Last week we welcomed groups from either side of the country as part of our Cashback New Horizons project. Alba Venturer was host to a group from Midlothian, and Alba Exporer was home to a group from Oban in Argyll & Bute.

Both groups spent five days exploring the waters of the Upper Clyde before returning to James Watt Dock in Greenock. Speaking to the groups at the end of the voyage it was clear that the experience had been a positive one for them all. Amongst all the chat of hoisting and packing spinnakers, spotting seals and dolphins and of course the tribulations if cooking dinner in the galley for 18 while feeling sea sick, they had this to say:

Midlothian group

I feel really grateful to be given this opportunity. Meeting new people is something I wasn’t good at before and after this trip I feel more confident in myself and my future. I feel like I have known these people for years. This has really been the best 5 days of my life so far!!

I now know that if I try I can achieve what I want to do! After this trip I feel like a different person and that I can work well in a team!

I feel alive and wide awake. This voyage has changed me for the better.”


Argyll & Bute Group

“I was not looking forward to this. Now I’m like – it was bl**dy brilliant! I want to join my local sailing club and then I’d like to sail up to Iceland.”

“My confidence levels have risen significantly.”

“I have problems trusting people and now I’ve been 5 days with 16 people and I had to trust them to sail the boat. I’m sad to leave.”

“I have OCD and have to do things in a certain routine. Many times this week I broke up the routine which was very freeing. Really great.”

Both groups gave a massive thank you to the staff and volunteers onboard so thank you to Steve and Craig, Peta and Jonathan, Ollie, Neil, Heather, Lesley, Bronte, Toby and Ann.

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