CashBack for Communities Round Up

In April, we kicked off our 2019 sailing season and welcomed five groups on board for CashBack for Communities funded voyages. Here’s what they got up to:

Glenwood High School
1st – 5th April
Alba Explorer

On our very first voyage of the season, the group from Glenwood High School had an adventure on and off the boat – exploring the shore, spotting submarines, and braving the force 8 winds!

Highlights: Learning new skills, meeting new people, building a stronger bond with everyone on the boat, the games we played, steering the boat.

Challenges: raising the main sail, bearing the cold, putting on the sail covers.

“It’s been one of them weeks that ye dinnae want to do again… but it was the best week of your life.”

Inverclyde CLD
8th – 12th April
Alba Venturer

The group from Inverclyde were blessed with beautiful weather for their week at sea aboard Alba Venturer, where they learned the importance of challenging themselves and the rewards that come from persevering when things are difficult.

Highlights: going new places, seeing marine animals, going outside your comfort zone.
Challenges: hoisting the sails, being with everyone all the time

“If I didn’t come on this boat I would never have known how to do half the things I’ve done.”

Prestwick Academy
15th – 18th April
Alba Venturer

It might have been a wee bit chilly, but the group from Prestwick Academy worked hard and had a great week on board. The young people learned that they can achieve what they set out to do if they put their mind to it.

Highlights: exploring ashore, visiting the castle at Lochranza
Challenges: putting up the sails, getting a good sleep

“I found that if you don’t complain and just get thing done, it actually turns out to be quite fun.”

Castlemilk High School and St Margarets Academy
15th – 19th April
Alba Explorer

This joint voyage brought together young people from Castlemilk High School and St Margarets Academy, all of whom had a brilliant week on board. This unique voyage brought together these two schools to foster tolerance and help tackle problems with sectarianism.

Highlights: learning new things, steering, meeting new people
Challenges: feeling tired

“This voyage has allowed [the young people] to see their potential and what they are truly capable of achieving.”

Merkland High School
22nd – 26th April
Alba Venturer

At the end of April we were delighted to welcome back Merkland High School who worked tirelessly on board and were rewarded with a beach BBQ and an impressive talent show.

Highlights: making memories, sailing the boat, the beach BBQ, dancing
Challenges: feeling sea-sick

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