CashBack Voyages Set Sail

Last week heralded the beginning of the 2016 CashBack voyages, when young people from Midlothian spent the week on Alba Venturer and East Dunbartonshire Young Carers were on Alba Explorer.

The weather was kind as each group rose to the challenge of sailing the two boats. They learned to navigate and steer the boat, hoist and drop the sails, tie knots and cook for everyone on board.

On board Alba Venturer, the crew from Midlothian worked hard to achieve their goals. Here’s what they had to say about their adventure:


“It was great getting to know everyone, and I don’t want to go home!”

“The weather was great and I saw so much wildlife it blew me away- the dolphins were amazing.”

“I was unsure when I first came on board, but our awesome watch leader really looked after us, and I’d love to come back again.”

“I learned from my watch leader about how to keep cool on board- to take time and think before I act.”

Group leader Luke James has sailed with OYT Scotland in the past, and has seen first-hand the changes that take place on board.

“It has been an incredible experience watching the young people develop their team work skills, gain confidence and learn how to sail the Alba Venturer. Each individual pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and made the most of the five days at sea. Now we plan to keep their momentum going and support the young people in their next steps whether that be applying for employment, college or volunteering.”

Over on Alba Explorer, the young carers group benefited from the fine weather. Comments from the crew were:


“I can now work better in a team and have the confidence to share my ideas.”

“I can do so much more than I ever thought I could and the trip has made me grow.”

“The voyage was worth every single second…it’s a life-changing experience.”

“Everybody was very encouraging. It was great meeting new people.”

A special thank you goes out to the staff and volunteers who took part in these voyages and made them a success. Their hard work and guidance is much appreciated.

We’re really pleased to hear that each group gained so much from their time on board!

The next CashBack voyages are on the 16th May, when we have two groups (one from East Dunbartonshire and the other from Fife) sailing from Oban.

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