International Representatives of OYT Scotland

Peta and Christien hard at work.

Recentlty OYT Scotland has had Christine Chesterman, the Canadian youth representitive on the Sail Training InternationalYouth Council and first mate on board the Toronto Brigantine vessels, helping out at our refits. Christine has come all the way from Canada to help out, and we’d like to say thank you to her.

Christine says: “I had a great time volunteering with the refit at OYT, everyone was really welcoming and fun to work with. I am always interested in what different sail training organizations are like, and since I was coming to Scotland anyway appreciated the chance to get involved. In a lot of ways it was very similar to my organization at home, the same kind of work and camaraderie, just technical differences in the boats and programming. There’s always something to be learned from getting to know your neighbours. Thanks to Laura and Craig for fitting me into their schedules and I would love to volunteer again.” Thanks for giving up your time, Christine!

Heather on St. Lawrence II in the Great Lakes

Of course, this isn’t the first time OYT Scotland has been involved with Canada, in 2012 Robbie Crow, one of our board members and past recipient of the John Crawley award, took part in the Canadian Exchange (sponsored by the James Myatt Trust and ASTO) and in 2013 Heather Prince, the current holder of the John Crawley Award, took part in the same exchange. Robbie sailed on Fair Jeanne (the same vessel that Christine worked on until recently) and Heather sailed on St. Lawrence II. You can read their reports by clicking on the links below.

Click here to read Robbie’s report.

Click here to read Heather’s report.

Heather and Robbie are not the only OYT members to travel abroad though: Emma talking at the ASTO conference

In 2013 Emma Harley – another past recipient of the John Crawley award – travelled all the way to Australia (again, sponsored by ASTO) to sail on Young Endeavour and Spirit of New Zealand. Emma talked about this experience at the recent ASTO conference held in Southampton, and it was well received by all. To read Emma’s report, please click the links below.

Click here to read Emma’s report.

Robbie with his US counterpart

Finally, Robbie – he’s been quite busy – recently attended the Tall Ships America conference to represent Sail Training International as chairman of the Youth Council, and was said to be in good spirits throughout the whole event – but he now wants to move to San Diego…

For anyone interested in applying to the International Exchanges, organised by ASTO and the James Myatt trust, then please or click here to find out more information on the scheme. The application process for this year’s exchangees has ended, and they’ve been picked, but there’s always the opportunity to apply for next year – where you could be sent abroad to represent UK sail training, and – of course – Ocean Youth Trust Scotland.

Keep watching this space to find out how more of our members get on when they go sail training abroad. OYT Scotland has loved working with Christine and would welcome anyone who is travelling to come and visit us – especially if you’re from Canada as we’re already entered in the Rendez-vous 150.

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