Lockdown Lowdown Survey on Mental Wellbeing

The Lockdown Lowdown survey found that 39% of young people were extremely or moderately concerned about their own mental wellbeing during lockdown.

We know that now is when young people in Scotland need Outdoor Education the most, and yet many Centres are in danger of closing and our boats have not sailed since November 2019.

Residential experiences have been feature of Scottish Education for 80 years. It is highly valued by teachers and has created vivid memories for millions of young people. While the Government has supported many sectors to encourage people to go back to work and to socialise safely, residential centres are unable to operate and remain in lock-down.

We would urge all people in Scotland who have benefitted from a residential sailing experience with Ocean Youth Trust Scotland over the years, as well as teachers, youth workers, support networks for young people with additional needs, and any parents and young participants who have recently benefited from a residential outdoor learning experience, or who were looking forward to their turn, to write to their MSPs and the Government and demand they #saveyouroutdoorcentres, and sign this petition.

Please help us #SaveYourOutdoorCentres by signing this petition: http://chng.it/j6FghSt2h2

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