St. Kilda Charity Challenge – Update 1

This week a group of budding challenge participants set sail for the world heritage site of St. Kilda in order to raise funds to enable more young people to experience an adventure under sail with Ocean Youth Trust Scotland.

Skipper Pete and first mate Laura, along with the four other members of sea staff (Colin, Colin, Emily and George), welcomed the 10 St. Kilda challenge participants onto Alba Endeavour yesterday so they could start their sail to one of the most westerly points of the United Kingdom. After being welcomed on board and presented with their welcome packs and t-shirts, the crew were split into their watches and began the safety briefings.

Following the safety briefings the crew set sail for Loch Aline where they spent the night. Today they’ve just passed Tobermory and are heading for the “wide wonderful sea”, in the words of skipper Pete, through the Sound of Mull to the south of Barra. They’re expecting north-easterly gale force winds in the Outer Hebrides and Malin sea areas, so they’re likely to encounter some adventurous sailing very soon.

So far there is no seasickness and all of the crew are in high spirits. Keep checking back on the website for more details.

st kilda day one


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