Vessel Tracking

AIS Tracking

To see where the vessel has been:

Zoom in and click on the appropriate vessel (Alba Explorer and Alba Venturer – hover the mouse over the vessel to see names).

Click on Show Previous Track

This will take you to Marine Traffic’s website in a new tab, showing where the vessel has been!

Please note: Some Google Chrome users may have issues viewing this map. You can use a different browser or edit your Google Chrome settings:

Copy and paste the following URL in to your address bar in Chrome: chrome://settings/cookies (this will open cookie settings in Chrome)

  1. Scroll down to the heading Sites that can use cookies and click Add
  2. Paste this into the box:
  3. Tick Including third-party cookies on this site
  4. Click Add

GPS Tracking

Occasionally the AIS tracking will lose signal (especially when up north). Please see below our GPS tracking, this only updates every 6 hours so may look like the boats have sailed straight over land!


If you experience any issues – please get in touch: 01475 722 722 or via email

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