Vessel Tracking

AIS Tracking

To see where the vessel has been:

Zoom in and click on the appropriate vessel (Alba Explorer and Alba Venturer – hover the mouse over the vessel to see names).

Click on Show Previous Track

This will take you to Marine Traffic’s website in a new tab, showing where the vessel has been!

Please note: Some Google Chrome users may have issues viewing this map. You can use a different browser or edit your Google Chrome settings:

Copy and paste the following URL in to your address bar in Chrome: chrome://settings/cookies (this will open cookie settings in Chrome)

  1. Scroll down to the heading Sites that can use cookies and click Add
  2. Paste this into the box:
  3. Tick Including third-party cookies on this site
  4. Click Add

If you experience any issues – please get in touch: 01475 722 722 or via email

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