Aberdeen and North East region

We are a friendly group and meet about once every 2 months. We can answer your questions if you are just getting started with the trust.

Meetings start at 6.30 pm either as an online Teams Meeting or in a pub when we meet at 6:30pm for pub food and the meeting starts after that.

We run social events such as visits to the Aberdeen lifeboat, the Maggie May historical lifeboat museum, the student’s show (supporting them and having a great time as well!). These are all accompanied by finding a suitable hostelry nearby.

Join our mailing list to be kept up to date with meeting details and what is going on by emailing northeast@oytscotland.org.uk

We raise money from local trusts, via the student’s union and through running RYA training courses. We also have an annual shore group weekend when we take over one of the big vessels, we have stands at boating and other events.

The funds are given as grants to North East youngsters, individuals and groups, to help them afford their own adventure under sail.

Meeting Dates

24 April 24

Student Show

20 May 24


26 Aug 24

Business / Social Meeting
TBC (in person)

20 – 22 Sep

2000 Start
Shore Group Sailing Weekend

7 Oct 24

Business Meeting

18 Nov 24

Business Meeting

25 Nov 24

Business Meeting

5 Dec 24

Christmas Dinner

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Training Courses

Aberdeen-based OYT Scotland volunteers and instructors run RYA courses to raise funds for Ocean Youth Trust Scotland to support young people from the region sailing on voyages with the Trust.

The courses range from RYA Yachtmaster and day skipper theory courses run in the Northeast to practical courses run onboard one of the trust boats.

Course Dates

For First Aid, Diesel Engine Maintenance and Marina Radio License – please contact northeast@oytscotland.org.uk for further detailsAll courses will be run in Aberdeen.

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