Please read the below statement carefully and tick the bottom of it to confirm you have read and understood it fully.

Adventure under Sail is a fun, exciting and challenging activity that provides many benefits to those that take part. Safety at sea is our priority and we are proud of our safety record over the last 50 years.

Sailing can be strenuous and we train participants from the outset to minimise the risk of injury. However accidents can still happen and seasickness can impair ability to take oral medication, fluids and food.

Our sea staff have been trained in basic first aid and our boats have some medical kit. They are not equipped though to deal with major illness and we may, very occasionally, need to arrange for crew to be transported ashore for medical assistance. Please be aware that, unlike on land, where an ambulance can be expected in 10 mins this may take several hours. This may affect outcomes.

This can be particularly important for participants who suffer from diabetes, asthma, allergy,epilepsy or other significant conditions requiring urgent help. Please take time to fill in the following medical questionnaire accurately, well in advance of your voyage. We may need to make further enquiries and arrangements to ensure all of our crew are as safe as possible.

This ensures that our Skippers and First Mates will be fully briefed about any medical needs.

To keep our voyages Covid-safe, we must also ask you to agree to the following pre-voyage requirements before joining the vessel.

By completing this form, I declare:

  • I will have taken two negative Covid tests (one 3-4 days before sailing, and one on the day of sailing).
  • I will not have had any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 in the 7 days running up to the voyage (temperature above 37.8 C, persistent cough, loss of taste and/or smell).
  • No-one in my household will have had any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 in the 7 days running up to the voyage.
  • I will not have knowingly had any contact, in the 14 days running up to the voyage, with anyone who is confirmed as Covid-19 positive.
  • I will not have been told by a medical professional that I should be shielding.
  • I will not have been advised by NHS Test and protect to stay at home or isolate.
  • I will not be required to self-isolate for travel-related reasons.
  • I will not have tested positive, even if asymptomatic.
  • I agree to take a further lateral flow test 2 days post voyage and to report any positive results directly to OYT Scotland.

For further information please contact our office to speak to a member of staff.